Happy New Year! (a note from the ghost of columns past) Jan. 7, 2016

To all my “stranger friends” who have written hundreds of emails and comments and letters and cards encouraging (or in some cases, ordering) me to find some way to continue writing my column, I want to say: THANK YOU! You are wonderful! You are the best stranger friends in the whole world! Please know that I am hip-deep in the process of working on self-syndication (argh! don’t even ask) and hope to be back with you soon. The next time I find myself hunched over a computer, working on a column, I will blame YOU! And I will love you for it. You truly are the best.

As ever,



  1. Beth McConnell says

    So glad you are back. Sometimes you make me laugh and sometimes you make me cry.

  2. Ann Starr. Hartselle, Al says

    I was so mad when your column was removed from the Decatur Daily! You life story relates to so many. I love it when you write about your brother and his allegiance to Clemson. When they play I think of him. When they played Al. For the championship, I really thought of. What a game. I was thrilled to see your column will reappear in our paper. May God bless you as you continue touching lives.

  3. I am with all sincere readers who are really eager to read your
    Column . I do not know much about what happened but I am sure
    something good would happen and Sharon would share all emotions of readers along with her new experiences in daily life . I do not know anybody else has that talent . you are a gifted writer no doubt . Love you so much . At least for seniors it is a dessert to relish all week . Please write anything real soon .

  4. I miss you my ftiend. I slw as us looked so forward to your writings. As a grandmother of young children I feel that we have so much in common.
    I hope to see you again soon in your stories that you sweetly share.

  5. I don’t know why your column is absent just that it is and I do not like it. I pray it gets worked out and you appear in the Evansville courier very soon. Miss you.

  6. My Sundays here in Palmer, Kansas seem incomplete since your last column in 2015. I don’t get out as much as I used to, do to the fact I am walking down the path of Stage IV breast cancer. Your columns gave me a lift and usually brought smiles to my face. Sometimes when you talk of your husband who died from cancer, I have tears streaming down my face. No matter what, your columns are real to me. I hope and pray you get your column back up and running. Many of your writings could be my life too, maybe that is why I relate so much with you. I am a grandma to 7 grandchildren with a new great grandchild due in May. My husband could probably relate more to you since he is my care giver in this path we have found ourselves on with cancer. Hoping you are enjoying your unexpected time away from syndication but praying you will be back soon. “LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, each and everyday !
    Love, Theresa Meyer

    • Sharon Randall says

      Theresa, thank you so much for sharing your lovely story with me. Your tender words touched me deeply. I want you to know, thanks to wonderful readers like you, I’ve felt compelled to continue the column through self-syndication. What’s the name of your local paper? I might’ve already spoken with them, but if not, I will. Mostly, I want you to know that my heart goes out to you, and my prayers will follow you, in this battle that’s been thrust upon you and your family. I expect great things for you, Theresa, and hope you’ll be kind enough, as you have time, to write and tell me all about them. Thank you for your kind encouragement. Wishing you and your family God’s great grace and peace!

  7. Leigh Girard says

    Happy New Year from Boone NC, Sharon. Your column in the Winston Salem Journal brought so much joy and occasional tears as you wove your wonderful family stories for us. These mountains are God’s country and you seemed to understand the peace we feel in the mountains. Your column about a son’s return visit touched my heart and I had to send it to my sons in Atlanta and NJ, of all places. I wait anxiously for your return to our newspaper.

  8. DITTO!!! to all of the above – you have left a lasting impression on our hearts!!!

  9. Yay! God has gifted you with a wonderful talent, and He will give you all you need to continue writing. Your column has been a blessing; thank you for sharing the laughter and the tender tears.

  10. Your column was published in our newspaper (Decatur Daily, AL) on Tuesdays. I surely did miss it this last week, never be the same till you return. I looked for your column first. Enjoyed it so much!! Always enjoyed hearing about your family! Miss you and will be looking for you to return soon!!

  11. Ken Richards says

    Looking forward to seeing you again when your self-syndication (whatever that means) is completed. Thank you again for the years of peeking into your life through your wonderful columns.

  12. Chet M George says

    Life in incomplete without Sharon Randall! My message to the Indiana Elkhart Truth News Paper:
    Sir, Sharon Randall’s column is usually the only bright spot in the Sunday news. She has the unique ability to turn everyday events into meaningful topics to ruminate on the rest of the week. Do all in your power to bring her back ASAP. Without her I don’t see much of a reason to purchase the paper. cmg3

  13. Tami Otjen says

    Miss your column so much! Watching the Clemson Tigers tonight in championship football game and thought of your brother! Doesn’t he love Clemson? Hope to see your column again in my Norfolk daily news in Norfolk Nebraska! How are your grandbabies? I have 3 grandsons and love them so much! Love your Nana stories! Hope to see your columns again SOON!

  14. Renata Rodriguez-Boyle says

    Thank you for everything you’ve written! Each week reading your column has been the highlight of my newspaper. When my mom was alive we would always talk about what you’d written. She has been gone since 2008, and I still miss talking to her about. Them. You’ve made laugh, cry, always entertained and enlightened me, and reminded me often to appreciate my family and friends, thank you so so much. I hope self syndication works for you as you are missed very much. Cannot even fathom why the newspaper hierarchies thought not running you column was a good idea. I am greatful you have this website I can check in with! Looking forward to reading more from you, best regards to your family, I miss them too!

  15. Dick Joyce says

    I can’t go anywhere that I’m not asked “What happened to Sharon?” (as if you were my sister or something!). All I know is that the editorial staff at the Winston Salem Journal is not happy with the syndication group. I took the liberty to tell J.C.Barron (jcbarron@tripub.com) that he needs to get his head checked for making such a poor decision and that he needs to get to work to fix his mistake. We, your loyal readers, need to hear your voice in this crazy world. I pray that all this mess can be fixed.

  16. My Sunday’s just aren’t the same without having your column to read in the Evansville Courier. You have a real gift for sharing real life experiences & keeping it interesting.. Hope to be reading about you & your family again soon. Praying for you.

  17. I, like the others, miss your column so very much! You have a way of connecting with us. I do hope things will work out for self-syndication. If not, we will certainly follow you on your blog, or what other medium works out………even a new book! You have a true gift for writing and sharing and we hope you are hunched over your on computer very soon.

  18. I thought of you this morning! I used to wake up on Sunday morning and look forward to my coffee and your column!! I pray that you are back soon – but in the meantime – at least I know where you are and I can come to your blog!!!

  19. Barbara Hodges says

    Keep working on the “self-syndication” cause we miss you so much!!

  20. Angie Franklin says

    I and my family truly miss your column in our Anderson Independent Mail. We have enjoyed you for many years and cannot wait to read you again soon. Keep up the good work and I know you will be successful in obtaining your self-syndication. My mother was raised in the ‘dark corner’ of South Carolina and I really enjoy reading about your view of the country. Last but not least, GO TIGERS!!!!

  21. Debbie Collins says

    Dear Sharon,
    I have missed you! Your column was the first thing I read in the Sunday paper, second, the Target ad ?
    I pray things will work out, you are an inspiration to so many!
    With Hugs and Love,

  22. I have been meaning to write to tell you how much your column has spoken to me. I always looked for your article each Sunday morning in our local paper. You have such a gift I wish I had. I have clipped a lot of your articles out of the paper and they are shared and then saved. Please find a way of continuing to share your thoughts and stories with us! I have truly loved each and every one! I always felt compelled to let you know how much your articles meant to me but didn’t follow through every time. I did once and you were kind enough to answer. That meant so much to me. I look forward to reading again your thoughts and wish you all the best.

  23. Your Ohio readers are awaiting your return. We love your column, please hurry back.

  24. I’ve been a loyal reader for many years, first in the Winston-Salem Journal and then online. Being about the same age and also growing up in the Carolina mountains, it has been easy for me to identify with the experiences and viewpoints you share. Your column about how to deal with losing your husband (rearrange your bedroom until it is now your own and live your life so that only 1 person has died, not 2) from about 10 years ago was a huge help to me when I also lost my husband. In the years since then I have shared my clipping of this column with other friends in the same situation.
    I continue to check your website for new developments and pray that a new and perhaps even better way for your column to reach many faithful and potential readers will develop. God Bless You!

  25. I was one who commented last time, and all I can add is, “Yay!!! Yippee!!”
    And a Happy New Year to you, dear Sharon. 🙂

  26. Waiting ,praying and wishing you all the best for this new year to publish something precious .
    God bless you to bear all stress and gives you much patience to set everything alright .

  27. Sharon Mullens says

    This is such great news! It WILL be a Happy New Year. Good luck with self-syndication. I can’t wait to “see” you again.

  28. I am not really sure what is going on but, if it involves not reading something you have written each week, I am pretty sure i can’t like it. Your weekly romp through your life almost always begins a journey for me in mine. I will miss those romps. I will miss your kind reassuring voice. I will miss the beautiful pictures you paint with our common tongue. I will miss my friend.

  29. Kate Sciacca says

    Been checking constantly to see when you would poke your head up and respond to all our love. ? Prayers for great success in self syndication… Cannot imagine what a headache that must be… You’re welcome! ???

  30. Shirley Parkey says

    I always looked forward to Thursday when I could read your column in the Wichita Falls Times and Record News. I had a stroke 3 years ago and don’t get out much and your column made my week. With all the bad news nowdays-What a treat your column is! HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE PAPER SOON:)

  31. My Monday morning paper will not ever be the same without you. I feel as if we are bff’s and we’ve never met but it would take far more fingers and toes than I have to count the number of times, I felt as if you were speaking to me and me alone. I do so hope you find a way to continue as you will be sorely missed.

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