“An Invitation!”

Dear Good Kind People,

A very long time ago, it was my great fortune to become forever friends with Shari Hastey. We met through church and often worked together setting up, or cleaning up after, various events from women’s retreats to Young Life meetings to feeding hordes of hungry teenagers in our homes. Once, we actually dressed in band uniforms and hot pants and sang “Mr. Sandman” to some teachers at Monterey High School. I don’t remember why.

About the same time I began writing a column, Shari began fulfilling a dream called Community Partnership for Youth _ a fabulous grassroots program serving the needs of underprivileged children and teenagers on the Monterey Peninsula. If you’re not familiar with CPY check them out at www.cpy.org.

To celebrate the remarkable 25th anniversary of their founding, CPY is hosting a luncheon on Thursday, February 4, 11:30 AM at the top of the Monterey (Calif.) Marriott, in the Ferrante Bay View Room (hands down, the best view in town). Pam Dozier, an old buddy from the Herald days, will emcee. It’s going to be quite a wing-ding.

When Shari asked me to help with the celebration, I said, you bet, I’d be honored. I assumed, as in the past, she meant I’d be setting up tables or clearing dishes. Probably not in hot pants. Imagine my surprise to hear that all she wants me to do is talk. I might be better at tables and dishes, but I can talk, too. I do a good bit of speaking engagements each year for fundraisers around the country. But this will be my first time to speak in Monterey, since I left there 10 years ago to live in Las Vegas of all places. I can hardly wait! I’ll probably tell a few stories, some old, some new. Maybe, if we have time, I’ll read a few pages from my recently finished, yet to be published, novel.

The reason I’m writing to you _ a very select, highly intelligent, and exceptionally good-looking group of friends and family _ is to say this: I hope you will join us. It would mean a great deal to me personally to see your faces and have a chance to hug your necks. More importantly, your support would mean so much to CPY and the young people they serve. Details for tickets are included in the link below. If you can’t make it, please consider making a donation to CPY. And by all means, invite your friends.

Thank you for being who you are.

As ever,

Link to the Herald post…

Tammi Suber-Duell
Community Partnership for Youth


  1. Lisa Smith says

    Welcome back to Elkhart, Indiana!!! We couldn’t be happier!!! When you wrote your “farewell” column, my dad and I had a message all ready to hit “send”, and technology failed us. The message was basically that Sunday breakfast at Mayberry’s after church just wouldn’t be the same without you there. We always split an order of extra crispy bacon, crispy potatoes, 2 pancakes and poached eggs. You can order what you want. SO GLAD YOU ARE JOINING US FOR SUNDAY BREAKFAST AGAIN!!! I used to live in California (the Napa Valley of all places) and I did not get the paper. My parents would read your column to me over the phone each Sunday. January of 2014 my mom passed away suddenly. Truly it was a blessing. She was developing dementia. I have moved to live with my dad in Elkhart. He says your column is better than working the English crossword puzzle in the China Daily (he never did it, but Mom and I did for the 2 weeks we travelled together while I taught there after college). Greatly enjoying your words and thoughts, Lisa and Larry Smith

  2. Billy Myers says

    You are a blessing to all Winston Salem Journal readers. Welcome back.

  3. Dear Sharon, I truly could not believe my eyes this morning when your latest column appeared in The Reading Eagle. After seeing your familiar photo, I quickly read the headline to see if our paper was just running an old column to pacify your devout admirers. To my utter delight, you are back! Monday mornings are now tolerable, once again. Thank you for postponing retirement; you bring such joy to this world with your words.

  4. Margie Keck says

    Thanks to those responsible for getting you back to our Daily Republic, almost daily newspaper!

  5. Robyn Musgrave says

    Seeing your column back in the Evansville Courier and Press was like running into an old friend that you thought had moved away. I’m so tickled that I’ll be getting visits from you with my Sunday morning coffee. What a great day yesterday was (and I’m still celebrating): You’re back and Peyton won the Super Bowl!

  6. Kim Thirkell says

    So, so happy to open our Sunday paper and find your column once again. Thank you!!!

  7. Ken Richards says

    Well, today’s column is not on your blog but it is in my newspaper. Yay! You are back. Good to see you again – have missed you.

    Your number one fan.

  8. Donna Jamison says

    Missing new articles in SW Times record, Fort Smith, Ark, but they ‘re running some previous columns which are always good to re read. Our pastor preached a message a few week ago and mentioned he didn’t know what it was like to be blind, I automatically thought of your brother, so loaned him your book so he could read some articles about Joe. Hoping all is well in Las Vegas and California with all your family. I know you got to enjoy grandchildren while in Monterey.

  9. Judy Albrecht says

    I also miss your column in the Salina Journal. My Sunday without your column is still not a good thing. I enjoyed your column so much.

  10. Pamela Cottingham says

    Coffee & newspaper. That’s how my day starts. There’s plenty here, but I want something real. My Saturday mornings are just not the same without the smiles and love you send out when you write. I found your column in the Salisbury Post (Salisbury, NC) a couple of years back and have been hooked ever since. Your stories create a bond between us all. I hope to see you back with us soon! You will be welcomed with open arms – and a cup of coffee!

  11. Kim Thirkell says

    My husband and I are also missing your column from The Salina Journal in Salina, Kansas. We were blessed to hear you speak here in Salina at The Stiefel Theatre but we want to be able to read your wonderful stories once again. Fingers crossed that this will happen.

  12. Not sure why you are not in San Angelo standard times.I miss you!

  13. Not sure why you are not in the San Angelo standard times. Surely do miss you.

  14. Mary Ellen Lathrop says

    I’m so relieved to see your Jan. 14th column and that you’re not going away be for good. Keep up the good work.

  15. Dear Sharon, I would read your column and then send it to my mother in Clarksville MD. She does not own a computer or cell phone. She says she gets too confused by all the buttons. I immediately sent the article in WS Journal. There were tears shed in Winston Salem and Clarksville. I did get to see you in person in Mocksville, NC where I got your book for me and one for mom. She cherishes her copy. Her copy will probably be passed to relative to relative but always back to her. Thanks for all the humor and good stories. As a social worker I need all the humor I can get.

    Blessings for 2016,
    Bea Stuber, SWII

  16. Michelle Westbrook says

    We winter in Naples, FL and I looked forward to getting the Naples Daily News Sunday paper so I could read and ENJOY your column. When we came this year I was sooo disappointed to find out it was no longer being published. ?? Sundays just aren’t the same. Hope to see you back VERY soon.

  17. Pat Herendeen says

    Dear Sharon,
    My Sunday after church reading is all tizzy. I would come home make some coffee, then read the funnies first followed by Sharon Randall’s column. Afterwards, I would read the rest of the junk that occupies 4 pounds of newspaper. I know you’re working hard to finish your transition and wish you much success with your endeavor.
    Missing you on Sunday in San Angelo, TX

  18. I sure miss your columns in the Evansville Courier and Press. It just isn’t the same without you. I’m happy to still have access to your columns and look forward to your coming book.

  19. Kate Sciacca says

    Wish this had been during our annual (sometimes a bit longer) year end trip to Monterey…. ? Will check out the site and donate. Been praying for your discernment regarding self syndication… God’s Perfect Will be done ?

  20. So glad to see you’ve written a book. I was hoping that you might. I was hoping for a memoir since it seems a natural progression from your column, but I’m sure I’d love to read a novel, too. .. just so long as it isn’t a scary one because I can’t do scary.

    • Sharon Randall says

      Thanks, Jody! You’re right, I’ve also written a memoir (a collection of my earlier columns) that’s still available to order from amazon.com. It’s called “Birdbaths and Paper Cranes: A Family Tale.” If you decide to order it and would like an autographed bookplate to paste in the jacket, send your address (to my email at randallbay@earthlink.net) and I’ll drop one in the mail for you. Thanks for asking!
      All the best to you and your family,

  21. Wish I could see you face to face . But the link does not pop up to go directly to web site to donate . Will check with laptop if I can go to website . God bless you doing such an awesome job !! Love you sharon till I am alive !! Love you to see you one day till I am alive !!

  22. Jeanne Porter says

    I was privileged to take an angel from a tree and give a Christmas gift to one of the CPY children. This boy asked for art stuff. Well, I had just taken my first ever art class (72 years old!) and am a preschool teacher. Just try to stop me! One plastic shoebox filled with various media, good paper, etc. with an extra box of water colors so he and a sib or friend could paint together. I find myself imagining the look of joy and anticipation as he pulled off the lid (Labeled with wooden letters spelling his name) and anticipated what he would find. I can feel his heart leap in his chest and see his sparkling eyes. It is, indeed, more blessed to give than to receive. So glad you will be in Monterey. Enjoy those grandkids!

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