“Abundant Sunshine”

On this beautiful Las Vegas morning _ a day of “abundant sunshine,” cloudless blue skies, 75 degrees and just enough breeze to rustle the palm trees _ my heart goes out to countless victims of the tornadoes that rained death and destruction in the past few days on entire communities from the Midwest through the Deep South. In times of great tragedy, we are made more aware of what is always true, but too easily forgotten _ that we are all friends, all family, all one people. We share each others griefs and joys, bear each others burdens. Their loss is our loss, too. Take a moment with me, please, to hold them up _ our unmet friends and family who are suffering devastation this morning. Say a prayer for God’s grace to pour out upon them, along with our gifts and donations and other efforts to help. Send them  “abundant sunshine” in every way possible. And remember to give thanks that, this time, this day, you and I and our loved ones were spared.

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