The Firecracker on his first visit to the brand new library in Marina, Ca.!


  1. Jill Maurer says

    What beautiful hair on your beautiful Firecracker! Sent you pictures of our triplet grandchildren last year after meeting you in Redkey, In. Putting current pictures in mail for you today. We are now tied at three grandchildren each.

  2. Cheryl Fick says

    WOW! Look at those curls! He just has a mountain of hair! That is sooo adorable. Hi Sharon, how are you doing? Just wanted to see what you had to read and I find your grandson. . .that is so cool. My grandbaby turned 1 in December and he is sooo hugable, kissable and munchable! I love his little hands! I kiss the palm of his little pudgy’s. . He is precious!! What a wonderful gift from my son, who is my heart too!

  3. That is so the back of Nate’s head! At least the way I remember him.

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