My very first grandchild, on his very first visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, saying hello to the jellyfish.


  1. Sharon

    Has your daughter had her baby? We moved and I missed so many columns. Very happy that the website is being updated now. I’m spending a dreary day reading past columns and trying to catch up. Keep up the great work, you make my week!!

    • Sharon Randall says

      Yes, Amanda, my daughter’s baby boy, Henry, was born Sept. 7 _ the day after my husband’s son and girlfriend had their baby girl, Charlotte! That gives us a total of three grandchildren (the oldest, Randy, aka Firecracker, is 15 months) and they are all perfect. 🙂 Your question reminds me that we need to post some of the columns I’ve written about them. Will try to do that soon! Thank you so much for asking and best to you and your family!

  2. Jessica Randall says

    WOW! That is one cute baby 🙂

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