I just watched the sunset over the Spring Mountains, leaving the desert in that lovely purple haze of twilight. The sun is headed west, to set again off the coast of California, where my children and grandchildren are settling in for the evening. It is my favorite time of day, when I can stop and reflect on the all the goodness and grace in my life. My husband heard from a friend today, whose wife is battling cancer _ again. My heart and my prayers reach out to them. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing right now, I hope you feel as blessed as I do. And I hope you will write and tell me about it.


  1. Doug Kelley says

    Hey Sharon,
    I’m wondering, if I am going to be coming around to have coffee with you in your kitchen, at your table, if it would be all right if I brought a cup with me to leave there, to stick in your cupboard so I could just pull it out every time? That way I would not have to, you know, keep bringing a new one every day. I have one with the kids’ high school logo on it (Pocola Indians, a chief in profile, with full head dress) or I could even bring the “It’s A Boy!” cup the hospital gave me when Sam was born, 22 year ago. I’ve been using it all these years.


    • Sharon Randall says

      I ‘d be honored, Doug, to keep your favorite coffee mug on hand. Your question made me think. What’s my favorite coffee mug? I have quite a few. There’s an old one with a photo of my kids accepting a teaching award for their dad, who was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. A purple “Muncie Central Bearcats” mug from a visit to Indiana. A set of mugs my daughter gave my husband and me for our first anniversary five years ago (decorated with our initials and wedding date.) The one I got last Christmas, with a photo of my first grandchild. And a new one that was a gift from my dear friend Linda, celebrating “forever friends.” Coffee tastes good in all of them _ especially when somebody else pours it for me. 🙂

  2. I also enjoy the sun and especially the sunsets. The most beautiful sunsets are in Key West, FL. When I’m on my yearly vacation it’s the highlight of each morning….bringing a cup coffee to the dock and watching the sunrise and the day begin. I feel like I’ve just been to church.

    • Sharon Randall says

      Thanks, Lee. I well remember the sunsets in the Florida Keys (in fact, there’s a photo on this web site of one in Key Largo) and they are pretty spectacular. But I think every place has its own beauty, if we take the time to see it and appreciate it. And clearly you do! Best to you and yours!

  3. Peggy Nodine says

    Your new website is great. So much easier to read your columns and keep up with you and your family, which seems to really be growing. Congratulations on the new grand baby. As for sunsets here at Lake Lanier, you know about them and how beautiful they are. This time of year is also one of my favorites, you think you are seeing double when you look at the beautiful fall colors as they reflect in the lake. Wish you the very best with your new website and with everything else in life. Miss you. We are all very blessed with God’s goodness and grace.

  4. Sherm DeLyser says

    Welcome to the digital world Sharon!
    This is great ! Now if the paper boy doesn’t deliver, we can find your columns here!
    My wife and I enjoy the things you share, – thoughts on life, friends and family. Yes, into every life some tears must fall, but overall God intends for us to be happy and have a peace within.
    I found this bit of wisdom somewhere, – I don’t know the author…
    You can’t live yesterday, that is clear,
    You can’t live tomorrow until it is here.
    So the only thing for you and me
    Is make this day what it ought to be.

    We looked for the table where we could sit and chat a spell, – and set our teacups on, -but all we see is a gray wall to lean against! 🙂 Oh! maybe it’s a tile floor! Yes! bring your mat and we can practice Yoga! Imagination – the greatest nation! we can make this anything we want!! Bring a flower and it’s a garden. Bring a tree and enjoy the forest.
    All the best to you and yours!

  5. Angie Walden says

    I also love sunsets. Some are so spectacular they take your breath away and let you know that only God in heaven could create such beauty. We watched a most spectacular one last year while in LV with Julia. There is something about the west that is so alluring. I can see myself spending winters out there after retirement soaking up all those lovely evening times when I put my life in perspective and think, wow, I am truly blessed.

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