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I often hear from readers who ask all sorts of questions. Sometimes it’s about me (“Your column wasn’t in my paper today, where the heck are you?”) Other times, it’s about them (“Can you please tell me how to get published/make chicken lasagna/find a man?”) I thought it might be interesting to share with you some of the questions readers ask, along with my answers, and then give you a chance to post your comments. If you’d like to ask a question _ about anything at all _ you can email me directly at Just type “Ask Sharon” in the subject line to let me know it’s OK to post your question (anonymously, of course.) I’ll look forward, as always, to hearing from you.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I was so happy to learn from your column on Monday, November 7th that you have a new website, as reading your column is a highlight of my week. I must admit that I thought I incorrectly typed your web address today, because the picture of you that accompanies your column in my newspaper (Reading Eagle) shows you with short dark hair. You had mentioned your daughter-in-law was helping with the site, so then I thought that must be a picture of her. Anyway, I just need to change the image of you in my mind now. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your life and family, as your columns have always been very thought provoking and uplifting.
    Thank you.

    • Sharon Randall says

      Thanks, Darlene. There are several different photos of me running in various papers around the country, and they all look like different women! The short dark hair shot is about 15 years old. The one you see on the web site is more recent. All the women in my family go blonde with age. 🙂

    • tina leiker says

      Wanted you to know I read in the Salina Journal your article. I lost my husband 24 years ago at 49. I am now 73 years old and still think of him every day. Loved your article.

  2. Susan Dudek says

    Would love to see a FB share link included so that I could share your columns. Is that in the works??

    • Sharon Randall says

      Susan, yes, we have added a Facebook page that you can probably recognize by my photo 🙂 We’re working on adding a share link, but in the meantime, you’re certainly welcome to share my columns, if you like, by sending your friends a direct link to my website, Thanks so much for asking, and all the best to you and your friends!

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