Dancing at my daughter’s wedding . . .


  1. You remind me of myself every time I read one of your stories. One day you and I need to get at least 100 ladies and have them to write short stories about their grandkids. Those stories make the best( grandkids). My story was in a book about funny things that have happened to mothers. We could call our book, “Funny Thing About Being A Grandmother.” Short stories about something your grandchild, told you, or something you did that was funny. If it sounds like something you may think we could pull off, I would love to help. I was a teacher for 29 years and a Beginning Teacher Director and recruiter. I live in Lexington, NC 336-853-6908

    Rena C. Streetman ( Cathie )
    4787 S NV Highway 150
    Lexington, NC 27295

  2. Betsy Rogers says

    You look beautiful. You look younger every time I see a new picture.

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