Me, writing a column late at night


  1. I am telling you,,, You totally crack me up. I have read you quiet a while now in San Angelo Standard Times, and you NEVER (Well seldom anyway ) fail to greatly entertain me. I just read your posting on 12/11/2011 Titled “Catching a Movie…”, and again you didn’t let me down.I laughed till I hurt, and even read the article to my wife. I am amazed though, that a “Classy Lassie” such as yourself would go to a theater such as you described. Glad all turned out well, and that you enjoyed your sister so much. I look forward to more of the Sharon Randall Trilogy. By the way, When are you going to write the book?

    I have ONE MORE very important question. What in the World is “Dutch Babies”? Coudest Thou send me a recipe?

    Much thanks for all the good entertainment,


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